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At New Westminster City Dentist, we appreciate the confidence that comes with a brighter smile. Teeth can become discoloured over time as a natural result of aging or due to staining caused by particular foods. Teeth whitening systems are a great solution for stained or discoloured teeth, and we offer in-house teeth whitening treatments and take-home kits for your convenience.

Philips Zoom Whitening System

Zoom whitening treatments are administered under the care of your dentist in the clinic. This treatment takes about one hour and offers dramatic results during just one session. This in-clinic treatment is ideal for busy individuals, but while the results do vary, you can expect to see your teeth whiten up to eight shades lighter.

How Does The Zoom Whitening Process Work?

Whitening systems essentially bleach the teeth, so your dentist will first examine them to check whether your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the treatment. Your dentist will isolate your lips and gums for protection and then apply the Zoom whitening gel onto your teeth. A special low-heat light is applied to the teeth to initiate the whitening process. This process is repeated two more times to promote optimal whitening.

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