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While your dentist will often use composite fillings to treat cavities in the teeth, there are situations where they will use either an inlay or an onlay to restore the look of the tooth. If decay is present between the cusps of the tooth, your dentist will treat and fill the area using an inlay. However, if the decay affects only one cusp of the tooth, they will instead use an onlay.

The Difference Between Inlays and Fillings

When your dentist treats a cavity in the teeth with a filling, they will use soft composite material to fill the hole. They will harden the material in stages using a special light designed to cure the resin. However, an inlay is pre-formed in the dental lab and designed to fit perfectly inside the gap.

Should I Get a Crown or an Onlay?

Your dentist will assess the extent of the decay in the tooth. Crowns are recommended when a significant portion of the tooth is compromised. The procedure to fix a crown is much more intensive and requires the removal of a large part of the tooth structure to fit the crown. Where only a small portion of the tooth structure is affected, an onlay is used.

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