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Prosthodontics are treatments that are used to replace damaged or missing teeth. Common prosthodontics include dentures, crowns, dental implants, and bridges. At New Westminster City Dentist, we routinely take care of your prosthodontic needs. However, there may be situations where we may make a referral to a specialist.

Why Do I Need to See a Prosthodontist?

When you have gaps in your teeth, it is important to fill them with a crown, bridge, or denture as soon as possible. When gaps are left unfilled, the surrounding teeth shift out of place and cause misalignment. This can affect your bite and disrupts your normal chewing function. It also affects the look of your teeth, which can affect your ability to smile confidently.

What Services Does A Prosthodontist Provide?

Prosthodontists specialize in treatments that are designed to replace missing teeth. They receive specialized training in the fabrication of dental crowns, bridges, and other restorative treatments and also treat disorders such as temporomandibular jaw disorder. Your dentist may refer you to a prosthodontist if you have missing teeth, damaged teeth, mouth or facial pain, or cosmetic concerns.

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