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When you have gaps in the teeth, the surrounding teeth can shift out of place. This results in misalignment of the teeth which can cause jaw problems over time. Dental bridges are commonly used to replace missing teeth in the mouth. The missing tooth is replaced using a fake tooth held by two crowns attached to the adjacent teeth.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Leaving gaps in the teeth is not advisable as it leads to many future problems. As surrounding teeth move out of place and become misaligned, this causes bite problems and difficulties with chewing. The misalignment puts extra stress on your teeth and jaw causing pain and discomfort. Missing teeth can also affect your state of mind, as many individuals can become self-conscious when they smile.

Types of Dental Bridge

Dental bridges help to maintain the functioning and aesthetics of the teeth. Depending on the location of the missing teeth, your dentist may use one of several kinds of bridges. A traditional fixed bridge is most common and consists of two crowns that hold one fake tooth in place. Cantilever bridges are used for teeth at the back of the mouth where the crown only attaches to one tooth.

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